E1 Mia

MIA is the ELCA radio handset required for the use of industrial lifting and handling machinery and equipment.
Up to 23 on/off commands (2 single, 10 double step buttons, selector 1-0-1, Start and E-Stop (Pld) buttons, proportional potentiometer.
Compact, lightweight, ergonomic with low consumption electronics and Lithium battery, the MIA can provide up to 20 hours autonomy in continuous use (low power warning via bright leds and acoustic signals).
An innovative battery with integrated electronics is charged directly by power supply “ELCA-CLIP” and full recharge in 4 hours (15’ sufficient for 3 working hours).
Optional cable with USB connection to external charger.
MIA handset is robust and resistant to harsh operating conditions (ABS casing, release valve, IP65 rating).
Protective cover available for extra protection (optional).
The bi-directional transmission allows the MIA trasnmitter to receive up to 4 input signals from external source of a machine wired directly to the receiver with each input represented by dedicated led indicators on the transmitter.
A MIA version with high definition display + 8 double step buttons is also available.
The transmitter is activated via an electronic activation key sequence with customizable code.
Automatic shutdown can be programmed at 2-5-10’.
When required, transmitting unit can be quickly replaced by transferring the unique coding key and settings;
this is housed inside the battery compartment, protected by a waterproof closure.
Upon activation the MIA transmitter automatically selects the first free available frequency to have the best signal coverage, in all working enviroments.
The “Function” button is programmable: impulsive/latched commands, 1/2/1+2, “Master-Slave”, “Take-Release”, “Tandem”. The active selection is displayed on the top led indicators.
Excellence of MIA design has been recognized by the world prestigious IF Design Award.
Each MIA kit includes a transmitting and a receiving unit, power supply “ELCA-CLIP”, rechargeable Lithium battery, adjustable shoulder belt, user manual.

Compact body

Up to 23 on/off commands and potentiometer

Removable code key

Spare transmitter ready to operate in seconds

Handheld radio remote control