PIC is a compact waist belt radio control; PICCOLO (small) and lightweight, robust and reliable, it can be used to control forestry winches remotely via radio, with no need for cables.
The standard configuration consists of 3 lever selectors and a mushroom-shaped emergency stop button (it performs a total of 5 commands, and up to 8 with a second function toggle); alternatively, it is available with a dedicated button for the “wind” function.
The customizable, anti-reflection panel is made from durable materials and remains effective even in particularly heavy applications.
4 LEDs can also be provided to visually signal which commands are active (automatic unwind, enable winding, for one or two winches).
The replaceable internal lithium battery offers a continuous transmission of up to 20 hours. The battery can be charged with the ELCA-CLIP USB cable, which enables portable battery chargers to be used with ease.
The emergency stop circuit meets the requirements for systems where safety performance of up to category 3 PL d, according to EN ISO 13849-1, is called for.

Compact and waist portable radio remote control