ELCA Radiocontrols - E1 M Waist portable Radiocontrol - CCS

E1 M

Waist portable Radiocontrol - CCS

The safety industrial radiocontrol (cableless control) M is the winning choice for its flexibility and available surface. Can be fitted with single or double axis joystick and permits a wide range of layout: potentiometers, toggle switches, many kind of buttons, with up to 6 proportional outputs (8 Bravo series) and 28 on/off commands. Interchangeable battery, to work up to 20 hours. Automatic frequency change; analogic commands remote setup. Available a solo on/off version, too.

It is used in the remote control of septic pumps, dust suppressors, compact presses, quarry machines, sawing machines, mills, screeners, conveyors, demolishers, drilling machines, tunneling machines, tow trucks, mobile food or shops trucks, tail lifts, tower cranes, self-erecting cranes, container trucks, hooklift, overhead cranes, beam cranes, tripod cranes, flag cranes, hydraulic cranes for trucks, mobile cranes, aerial platforms, industrial processes, logistics.

The kit includes

Transmitting Unit | Receiving Unit | Battery | Battery charger | User Manual: Transmitting Unit, Receiving Unit | Charging cable | Accessories.
Wiring on request.

Applications served

Actuators available