Mito Mini

Compact Handheld CCS

MINI is a compact cableless system to control remotely a wide range of industrial automation applications. Versions from 4 to 10 single step buttons Control panel and function modes are programmable, IP67, floatable.
Bi-directional tecnology LBT with automatic frequency change, while working a LED “check” to confirm active radio connection with base station. Internal Lithium battery (up to 50 hours). Configurations with multiple portable stations/base stations.



Transmitting unit: 6Ox113x23 mm
Receiving unit: 107x165x50 mm

LBT technology

Bi-directional system (Listen Before Transmit): automatically searches for the best free frequency.

Lithium battery

Duration up to 50 hours in continuous transmission; recharges quickly.


Floating transmitter,
resistant to liquids.

The kit includes

Transmitting Unit | Receiving Unit | Battery charger | User Manual: Transmitting Unit, Receiving Unit | Power cord | Accessories.
Wiring on request.

Applications served

Actuators available