ELCA Radiocontrols - Tel-Vai Cable control


Cable control

The cable control allows to command machines at a certain distance by means of a connecting cable. ELCA cable controls are available with the cases of VAI, SFERA and M. You can use them in different situations: together with the radio remote control as auxiliary check (eg. TEL-VAI and ALPI with forestry winches); in place of the radio remote control when its usage is limited (eg. TEL-M and BRAVO-M in concrete pumps when working in airports and military zones); as a backup system to avoid machine downtime (kit "radio remote control + cable control" with identical configuration); when it is not possible or room is missing in order to mount a fixed panel on the system to be controlled. The cable output can be a cablegland or via a connector. Switching actuators and control panels are customizable. Upon request we can supply the M case alone (shell).



Arrangement and quantity of commands on request.
ELCA Radiocontrols Industrial Safety Commands and Remote Controls

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