Elca tells herself

  • 2023

    Reorganization showroom into work area including monitor station and course station. Entrance redevelopment.

  • 2022

    July 2022: photovoltaic system implementation.

  • 2017

    The innovative design of the MIA industrial pushbutton panel is awarded with the prestigious IF Design Award.

  • 2006

    New headquarters in Mussolente completed, in Via del Commercio 7 / b. The number of R&D technicians increases.

  • 2001

    The numbers increase; the Romano d’Ezzelino headquarters is inaugurated.

  • 1991

    It is our date of birth, ideas become products; in a small building we begin to produce the first industrial radio controls.

Technical assistance for
returns and repairs

Technical assistance

The Service Centers, trained directly by Elca, support customers during the installation of the radio control and subsequent maintenance.
The internal technical staff is organized to intervene and quickly resolve any service need, to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.


TRANSPORT (Transport is always at customer’s charge, apart from when otherwise agreed)


Description of the DAMAGE


  • YES: ELCA, after verifying the damage, will send a quotation. If the quotation is not accepted within 20 days from the date of sending, the goods will be sent back to customer and Elca will debit Euro 50,00 to customer for the managing operati
  • NO: ELCA will proceed with repair, with possible quotation and with shipment.


  • I hereby consent to the processing of personal data. More info

Our tips

to keep your remote control at its best

Read the manual - it's important

The paper manual that accompanies the Transmitting and Receiving Units is in Italian and English.
The other available languages can be downloaded in .pdf from the QR-code links on the cover.

In the manual you will find the answers to your questions:
general warnings - instructions for use - information - start transmitter unit - radio frequencies - maintenance - provisions - problem solving - battery recharge

Transmitter power supply battery

We recommend recharging the lithium batteries at least every 6 - 8 months to maintain their optimal duration.

Batteries can contaminate the environment with toxic or harmful substances, dangerous for humans, animals and vegetation; must be disposed of using the collection facilities for the disposal, recycling and treatment of batteries (Directive 2006/66 / EC).


At least once a month:
- clean the transmitter unit with a damp cloth and evaluate its integrity;
- clean the battery contacts and the unit power supply contacts;
- clean the power contacts of the charging system;
- check the integrity of the symbols on the transmitter unit panel. They must be clearly visible.

At least every three months:
- check that the commands sent and maneuvers performed by the machine correspond;
- check that when no movement command is sent the SAFETY relay contact is open. After carrying out this maintenance, it is necessary to record the intervention (date, signature, comments) as evidence that the check has been duly performed. Keep the registration together with the other installation documents, as it represents an important safety-related maintenance.

(ATTENTION: extracted for commercial purposes only, to use the radio control it is mandatory to read the manual)

3 excellent reasons

to choose ELCA


Elca products have always stood out for their advanced electronics, attention to design and attention to detail.
Elca radio controls are entirely produced in Italy by highly trained personnel.

We try to improve ourselves every day, following simple concepts:
Responsibility - Collaboration - Respect - Training.


ELCA designs, manufactures and markets quality industrial radio remote controls and cable controls all over the world and wants to guarantee the highest technological and quality standards.

ELCA works alongside customers to fully satisfy their application needs with “tailored made” products that give full operational satisfaction.

Customer care

Elca Customer Service accompanies the customer in all phases of product choice and design.

The Service and its team respond promptly and professionally to every customer need after the purchase,
to guarantee and ensure full use of the products throughout their life cycle.

A stock of standard radio controls among the most requested is available in stock.
Any customization requests are handled in a short time.
Parts are usually shipped within one business day.

a commitment for everyone

What Elca does

Elca is committed to improving every day with choices that can make their jobs and their products more sustainable.

Each design phase is a challenge:
we choose the best to use components that reduce the environmental impact and last longer over time.

We internally design the Packaging in order to reduce waste and using a single recyclable material: cardboard.

Elca follows the WEEE Directive

Elca shares the objectives of the European directive that regulates Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment
(RAEE or WEEE Directive - Waste of Electric and Electronical Equipment):
Elca radio controls carry a symbol that informs the customer that the electromechanical, electronic parts and batteries of the radio controls
must be managed by specific approved treatment facilities for safe disposal or recycling.

For more information on the disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) in the different European countries:

WEEE Registration Number:
Take-back and Recycling Scheme:

WEEE Registration Number:
Take-back and Recycling Scheme:

WEEE Registration Number:
Take-back and Recycling Scheme:
ESR Recylum

Take-back and Recycling Scheme:

Circular economy

Our mission is to produce using only renewable resources or recycled materials:
therefore we establish priorities, choose responsible sources and recover the materials.
All PDFs in this section are in Italian and English.

Indications for the correct disposal of our packaging (PDF)